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IU Southeast
Spring 2014 13
job of selling ourselves. I don’t think
we want to be “the best-kept secret
in Southern Indiana.” We have to
be better known as an excellent
comprehensive university that makes
sense as a first choice higher education
option for people in this area.”
More specifically, he said, IU Southeast
needs to “carefully grow enrollment”
from its present level of 6,900, add
more degree programs, increase
accessibility through strategies like
additional online course offerings
and weekend programming, expand
student internships, and work more
closely with business, industry and
other area non-profits and educational
“The programs we’re offering, they’re
excellent,” he said. “But we have to
offer more. This region is well known in
health care delivery and research, and
those fields will need a constant supply
of new employees and eventual leaders
to manage such growth. It would be
ideal to offer a master’s degree in
health care administration. We have
to do more in terms of reaching out.
The graduate center that IU Southeast
runs in Jeffersonville for business and
education students is wonderful, but we
need to expand our offerings there.”
One of the students asked if his office
door would be open to them.
“It will be,” he said. “I’m going to listen.
That’s my management style.
“But if you see me here too often, I’m
not doing my job. I want to reach out
for this campus. I’ll be meeting with
people in the community, building
connections. I’m not a micro-manager
– and I have a very smart leadership
team around me. I think it’s important
to let people know that we’re no longer
a closed shop. We’re open for business
and we want to be a good partner.”
A bit later, he summed up his plans
Chancellor Wallace with wife Susan and their dog, Seamus.
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