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Summer 2014 15
cards away,” he said with a grin. “Keep
the bourbon out.”
Later, when talking to a reporter about
setting up an interview, he said, in a
reassuring tone, “No secrets.”
Then he quipped, “All the charges were
And when he was walking through the
rain holding an umbrella borrowed
from his lodgings at the Sheraton
Hotel, he asked, “Do you suppose this is
good product placement for the hotel?”
The conversation moved fast during the
rest of his meeting with the students,
touching on a wide range of subjects,
from having an IU Southeast float
complete with a band in the annual
Harvest Homecoming parade in New
Albany, to campus hiking and jogging
trails, an annual ball or formal dance, a
battle of the bands competition -- more
for students to do on campus.
“Maybe the float is a dorky idea,”
Wallace allowed. The students
We can’t exist in a vacuum’
Near the end of the session, Dejan
Tomanic, a political science major,
asked Wallace to articulate the
“primary role” of IU Southeast.
“The primary role is to educate the
citizenry,” Wallace answered. “The
end product should be to help someone
continue with school, for a higher
degree, or to get a good job. We should
be an economic development engine
for the community. I know some people
don’t like talking about ‘producing a
product’ in higher education.”
“But that’s what we’ve got to do. I
don’t mean smokestacks. But we
have to work with businesses and the
Chambers of Commerce, and I want
to do that. We have to help attract
businesses. We can’t exist in a vacuum.”
The changes he envisions would be
“You won’t recognize this school
in 15 years,” he said. “It’s going
to be different. Bigger but better.
Academically we’re very strong. But
we’ve got to do more.”
In the end, the students seemed
pleased. Tomanic, for one, pronounced
himself “tickled” by Wallace and his
Chancellor Wallace visits the 10th annual IU Southeast Student Conference.
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