IU Southeast Magazine - Summer 2014 - page 18

‘A kind of modern Renaissance
Wallace was born in Northern Ireland
in March, 1960, and grew up in the
midst of “the troubles,” violence
between Protestants and Catholics. He
remembers as a child hearing “shots
being fired, bombs going off.”
Despite the deadly distractions, he did
well as a student and as an athlete,
running track in high school and
winning a scholarship to Eastern Illinois
University. It was a way to further his
education away from the fighting.
His running days, he says, were “many
pounds ago,” and if you press him, he’s
likely to begin by saying, “I tell you,
there’s nothing worse than old jocks
talking about their careers.”
His undergraduate career lasted only
three years -- he graduated early. Then
he earned a Master of Arts in English
from Eastern Illinois, and, in 1985, a
Doctor of Arts in English Composition,
Rhetoric and Applied Linguistics from
Illinois State University. He became an
American citizen in 1989.
Wallace’s academic career, which
focused primarily on English
composition and writing, took him
around the country to the University of
Hawaii, the University of Tennessee in
Knoxville, Kennesaw State in Marietta,
Ga., Northwestern State University of
Louisiana, Troy University in Alabama,
Clayton State University in Georgia,
and in 2007, to the University of
Arkansas-Fort Smith where he served
as Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor
before accepting his new post at IU
His former boss, Dr. Paul Beran,
Chancellor at the University of
Arkansas-Fort Smith, said Wallace is
ready for the job at IU Southeast.
“His broad knowledge about higher
education, his experience, his intellect
and his energy will serve him very
well,” Beran said. “Ray is in many ways
a kind of modern Renaissance man. His
photography makes him quite the artist
himself. I look forward to his great
‘All Northern Ireland’
Wallace is fond of Irish literature and
drama, and his favorite poet is Seamus
Heaney, the Nobel Prize winner who
died last year.
Chancellor Wallace with Paula Jenkins, IU Foundation (left) and Judge Carlton and Sue Sanders,
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