IU Southeast Magazine - Summer 2014 - page 20

and he has relied on that experience to
move up the steps on the career ladder.
Dr. John Applegate, IU Executive Vice
President for University Academic
Affairs, said there’s good reason to be
excited about where Wallace will lead
IU Southeast:
“Ray Wallace has energy, creativity and
an excellent track record of developing
educational programs that engage both
campus and community. This is a time
of great change in higher education.
Student success must be a top priority
to meet their personal needs and
aspirations as well as those of the
Southern Indiana region.”
“We must embrace a model of higher
education that is flexible and multi-
faceted, and I am convinced that Dr.
Wallace will lead the campus in doing
just that. His experience and engaging
manner will enable him to work both
‘inside’ with IU Southeast faculty and
staff and university administration and
‘outside’ with the Southern Indiana
region. He has the great advantage
of an excellent predecessor and an
extremely strong leadership team, and
I am confident that he will know how to
build on that foundation.”
So is Michael Naville, a New Albany
attorney who served on the Search
Committee that recommended
Wallace’s appointment, and who has
served on the IU Southeast Board of
“I really like this guy,” Naville said,
and predicted Wallace’s experience,
training and easy-going but dedicated
outlook will make for “a really good fit”
with the community and the campus.
Wallace said he, too, is hopeful about
the future.
“I am following in the footsteps of
very impressive former leaders of
our campus, and they are all to be
commended for moving us from
strength to strength.
I ammost appreciative of the work
Interim Chancellor Barb Bichelmeyer
has been able to accomplish in her
capacity this past year.
Working at this great institution is the
pinnacle of my career. I plan to remain
here and work to help IU Southeast
grow not only in size but in stature. And
I want to work with the community to
get there.”
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs, Dana Wavle, shows Chancellor Wallace around campus.
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