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the campus and have become major
contributors to IU Southeast (their
contributions include support for the
IU Southeast Sanders Speaker Series,
the Sanders Chair in Business and the
Sanders Financial Markets Lab), agreed
as they sipped wine in chairs along the
“I like her. She’s very smart and she’s
just a nice person,” said Judge Sanders.
“She’s done a fine job.”
“Wonderful,” Mrs. Sanders said. “She’s
been wonderful for our campus.”
As they talked, Bichelmeyer was
enjoying the crowd, talking to clusters
of people she had met in the past
year, moving on to another group and
another conversation. She looked
relaxed, confident, comfortable.
Kathy Ernstberger, Professor of
Business Administration and a member
of the Search Committee that recently
recommended Dr. Ray Wallace as the
next Chancellor of IU Southeast, was
one of the guests. She said Bichelmeyer
has prepared the campus well for the
“Barbara’s positive attitude and her
energy and determination have done
the groundwork,” she said.
‘People are the end and not the
A few days earlier, Dana C. Wavle, Vice
Chancellor for Administrative Affairs,
who knows Bichelmeyer frommultiple
perspectives, offered a detailed
assessment. He worked with her on
Indiana University committees before
she came to IU Southeast.
“I knew she would do a great job,”
Wavle said. “She’s a top-level
administrator with an ability to connect
with people. She is able to combine her
academic expertise with her genuine
care and concern for the students,
By all accounts, Bichelmeyer didn’t
bring a passive “wait-and-see” attitude
to her role at IU Southeast. Faculty,
staff, students and community
members universally praise her as an
active, engaged leader who has been an
agent of positive change and earned the
trust of those around her.
Many of her supporters were out in full
force, quietly singing her praises during
a recent party at the Ogle Center,
thrown in appreciation of university
‘”She has been so good for the campus,”
said Crystal Gunther, an IU Southeast
alum, who now serves as Grants and
Programs Officer for the Community
Foundation of Southern Indiana and is
a member of the IU Southeast Board of
“She has been so willing to work with
everybody and anybody. She’s done a
phenomenal job.”
Judge Carlton Sanders and his wife,
Sue, who also earned degrees at
IU Southeast will shape the future of our region by
transforming good students into
great leaders, one graduate at a time.
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