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Interim Chancellor Bichelmeyer speaks at the Founders Day Luncheon.
faculty and staff. Barb has done an
excellent job of reminding us that
healthy interpersonal relationships are
at the core of everything we do.”
Indeed, as part of her effort to make
sure the entire IU Southeast community
cooperated and moved forward
together during the transition year,
Bichelmeyer helped design a poster,
headlined “We all matter,” that was
distributed on campus.
“Sign me up,” she urges over her
signature on the poster, which
reminds people of 11 basic points
about cooperation -- advice that can
be forgotten too easily in the press
of deadlines and everyday academic
business -- including:
“People are the ‘end’ and not the
‘means’ in everything we do.”
“Focus on performance and provide
facts rather than opinions.”
“Listen - and listen some more.”
“Concentrate on what you control and
let go of what you don’t control.”
‘A system for managing collective
Bichelmeyer has four degrees from
the University of Kansas: a B.S. in
Journalism, a B.S. in English, an M.S. in
Educational Policy and Administration
and a Ph.D. in Educational
Communications and Technology.
Besides being a professor and
university administrator, she has
worked as a reporter for a Kansas
newspaper and a teacher and coach at
Aquinas High in Shawnee, Kan.
Her academic publications cover a
wide range of topics, including the
design and evaluation of instruction,
systematic approaches to managing
collective inquiry and adapting
graduate level courses for online
One of her areas of expertise, which
she relied on in putting the “we all
matter” poster together, is “human
performance technology,” a field that
researches ways in which individuals
and organizations can improve
performance and leverage cooperative
strategies to achieve their goals.
She has also studied distance learning
and has evaluated educational
materials for the U.S. Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention and the
Indiana Supreme Court Commission for
Continuing Legal Education, to name
just two of many organizations with
which she has worked.
She is a tenured full professor of
Instructional Systems Technology at
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