IU Southeast Magazine - Summer 2014 - page 26

Interim Chancellor Barb Bichelmeyer welcomes incoming IU Southeast Chancellor Ray Wallace.
IU-Bloomington, and has served as
Associate Vice President for University
Academic Planning and Policy and as
Senior Director of the Office of Online
Education for the seven campuses of IU.
‘It’s been a privilege and joy for
me to work here’
Twelve months ago when she arrived
at IU Southeast, Bichelmeyer said,
she saw a campus facing many of the
same challenges that confront higher
education across the country: how
to attract and serve more students,
both those just finishing high school
and older adults, while connecting
with area leaders and employers to
ensure that the campus is responsive
to regional needs for well-educated
college graduates.
Because she had worked five years
with all of the regional campuses as
associate vice president at IU, she said,
“I thought I had a pretty good sense of
what was going on” at the New Albany
“But I was surprised, both by the
opportunities and by the energy and
support for transformation and growth,
here and in the communities around
us. There was so much that required us
to improve on the traditional ways of
doing things.”
The demanding process, Bichelmeyer
said, has made her an even bigger
fan of IU Southeast, and of Southern
Indiana and Kentucky.
“It’s been an exciting place to be,” she
said. “I will miss being on this campus
on a daily basis. I came very quickly to
love this place and the people. It’s been
a privilege and a joy for me to work
Every day, she said, she has been
watching one clear indicator of the
area’s future -- work on the new I-65
Ohio River Bridge between Kentucky
and Indiana -- from the vantage of
her apartment on the Jeffersonville
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