IU Southeast Magazine - Summer 2014 - page 27

Interim Chancellor
Barb Bichelmeyer
wearing specially
designed T-shirt
to commemorate
the events of
“It’s been a metaphor for me of the
energy of the area.”
John Applegate, IU Executive Vice
President for University Academic
Affairs, said Bichelmeyer long has
supported the regional campuses, IU
Southeast included.
“Barb Bichelmeyer,” he said, “has
done such a terrific job as Interim
Chancellor, that I think people
often forget what an ‘out of the box’
appointment she originally was. She
had not served on a regional campus,
and she was closely associated with
online education, a mode of instruction
that IU Southeast had been slow to
“And yet her passion for the mission
of regional campuses -- which I can
attest is very deeply felt -- and her skills
as a leader and colleague enabled her
to work productively with all parts of
the campus community to prepare it
for new leadership. I am particularly
grateful for her engagement with the
Southern Indiana region, bringing a
new excitement about the central role
of IU Southeast in the region’s future.”
‘We are poised to grow’
With all the demands on her time, you
may wonder what Bichelmeyer does to
take it easy: reading, she says - mostly
non-fiction -- walking, hiking and a
little travel top the list.
“As the youngest in a family of 10,
I have 33 nephews and nieces
(not including spouses) and
47 grand-nephews and grand-
nieces – so far. I spend a lot of
time traveling to see members
of my family and talking to them on
the phone.”
There has been progress in the past
year at IU Southeast and in the broader
community, Bichelmeyer said, and
she is happy to have played a role in
preparing the campus for Ray Wallace,
who will become chancellor on July 1.
At a recent gathering for IU Southeast
donors, she referred to her term as “a
year of transition” that has made the
campus “more community-oriented,”
adding, “We are poised to grow.”
Earlier, she said with a smile that there
will still be plenty for her successor to
work on.
“By now, Ray and I have spent
many hours talking. I know we
are in sync on the next steps
that need to be taken to help
the campus and the region
grow. I know he will serve the
community and
the campus very, very well.”
Bichelmeyer will return to university
administration to take up
responsibilities as
Associate Vice
President for
Regional Campus Affairs, along with
her role as Professor of Instructional
Systems Technology. She will continue
to be engaged with IU’s regional
campuses, “and I will hold this
community in my heart all my life,” she
said. “It has become very dear to me.”
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