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Stephon Moore, President of the
Student Government Association (SGA)
at IU Southeast, has learned a lot about
family, hard work and determination
from his father, Ollie Moore, who lives
in Jeffersonville, Ind., and works as a
“My mother died when I was 3 years
old,” Moore said. “My dad raised me,
by himself. I love my dad. My dad is
everything. He’s taught me so much.”
And, Moore adds with a smile, “I’ve
never given him a bit of trouble.”
Moore says it’s his father’s example
that’s inspired him to work toward
his goals – and by all accounts the
younger Moore started setting
ambitious goals pretty early. As a
student at Jeffersonville High School,
he was Editor-In-Chief of the student
newspaper, The Hyphen.
“I loved it,” said Moore. “It gave me
an opportunity to learn a lot of things
about leadership and planning, and
to find out what was important to
students. When I came to college, I
planned on majoring in journalism.”
But then, like lots of other students,
his focus shifted. He said he realized he
might be more effective by working in
campus politics and service.
He’s served as a Community Advisor
in one of IU Southeast’s resident
lodges, helping students work through
concerns that range from academic
difficulties to social anxiety and
personal conflicts.
Moore, who will be a senior in the
upcoming fall semester, also developed
an interest in politics and leadership
– and switched his major to political
“I realized I might be able to
accomplish a lot more for my IU
Southeast classmates through student
government work,” he said. “And I
wanted to make sure that student views
and concerns were being raised and
addressed at IU Southeast.”
So he ran for SGA President and
was elected in the spring of 2013 for
the 2013-2014 school year (and was
recently re-elected for a term that will
run through the spring of 2015).
His office gave him a chance to work
closely with IU Southeast Interim
Chancellor Barbara Bichelmeyer,
whose term ends at the end of June.
“I was impressed with the way she
reached out to students,” said Moore.
“She had a very different approach.
She came to us. She had dinner once
a month with other students and me,
and she really listened to us. She was
open and honest. I just can’t say enough
about Dr. Bichelmeyer. She has been
really well-regarded by the students.
Moore added that Bichelmeyer has
paved the way for IU Southeast’s new
Stephon Moore, President of the
Student Government Association
Chancellor, Dr. Ray Wallace, who will
assume his new post on July 1. “She
has done an incredible job of getting us
ready for another period,” said Moore.
“Thanks to her, the stepping stones
and the foundation are in place for Dr.
As President of SGA, Moore served on
the Search Committee that screened
candidates and recommended Wallace
for his new role.
“I’m really pleased that Dr. Wallace
was selected,” said Moore. “He has
made a very good impression. He really
seems to be open to ideas from people
who want to take part in making the
school better.”
In addition, Moore said, Wallace
“doesn’t seem at all uptight. He’s got a
sense of humor. He’s been comfortable
and easy to talk to, and I think he will
relate really well with students.”
Moore said he expects to be busy
this summer – perhaps working in
a political campaign so he’ll have a
better sense of what a life in politics
might be like. But then he’s looking
forward to a busy year ahead.
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