IU Southeast Magazine - Summer 2014 - page 34

IU Southeast Alumni Board of Directors
Lynn Prinz, President
Jim Bradshaw, Vice President
Phyllis Andres, Secretary
John Crase, Treasurer
John Watkins, Past President
Stephanie Book
Crystal Gunther
Lyndsay Kimmick
Josh Kornberg
Bob Lane
Mike Naville
Oneita Phillips
Neal Marshall, Committee Chair
Debbie Tackett
Nicole Yates
Richard Madley, SAA President
Joshua Crase, SAA Vice President
IU Southeast Board of Advisors
Lana Aebersold
Doug England
Crystal Gunther
Edward Jerdonek
Renato LaRocca
D. Jack Mahuron
Pat More
Sally Newkirk
Lynn Prinz (IU Southeast Alumni Assoc.)
Patrick A. Shoulders (IU Trustee Liaison)
Mark Shugarman
Sherry Oakes Stem
Norman Stiefler
John Walczak
Rose Wathen
Rosita Young
For any alumni-related questions or
information, please contact:
Jerry Wayne
Executive Director of Alumni & Community
(812) 941-2417
Dodie Swords-Simms
Alumni Relations Specialist
(812) 941- 2384
Office of Alumni and
Community Relations
US 155
4201 Grant Line Road
New Albany, IN 47150
(812) 941-2384
Commencement 2014 is over (1,100 graduates),
we have successfully co-hosted our first annual Golf
Tournament (May 30), and summer is in full swing.
Along with summer comes time to play and we hope
you will be joining us at our annual summer events:
Churchill Downs (June 22nd) and our evening at
the Louisville Bats (July 11th). See our full calendar
of events on page 35. Other Association highlights
In August, we will be awarding
$25,000 in scholarships for the 2014-15 academic
year. Applications will be accepted until Monday, July 14th. Please encourage
any IU Southeast student you know to join the SAA and apply through the
IU Southeast Alumni Association website
/. (See
complete scholarship details on page 34.)
Promote our students and campus:
We are always looking for ways to
connect alumni and our students. Looking back, what do you wish someone
would have told you before your graduated? Would you have benefited from
an opportunity to work with or meet with a professional in your area of study?
IU Southeast has great programs and great students. Please help us support
and promote both. Contact Lynn Prinz at
if you would like to
become involved or if you know someone we should contact.
Board and Committee Members:
Lastly, we are seeking new members for
our Alumni Board and our Committees. We understand how busy everyone is
and know you might not have time to commit to a Board position. We would
still welcome your ideas and effort in planning new initiatives for our alumni.
If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Board or Committee
member, please contact Lynn Prinz at
In closing, I want to say how proud I have been to serve as Board President
of your IU Southeast Alumni Association. The time has passed quickly and I
hope you are pleased with the direction we are taking. We are in the process
of creating a new strategic plan and focusing on the pillars to PROMOTE,
ENGAGE, DEVELOP and SUPPORT IU Southeast, our students and our
Thank you for this privilege and have a great summer. Hope to see you at our
Lynn Prinz
President, IU Southeast Alumni Association
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