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IU Southeast student-athletes at You Can Play video launch
History professor’s book published by University Press of Kentucky
IU Southeast Athletics joins You Can Play initiative
“River of Hope: Black Politics and the Memphis FreedomMovement, 1865-1954,” by
Elizabeth Gritter, Assistant Professor of Hhistory, was published by University Press of
The book focuses on black voters and advocacy leaders who worked to break down the
predominantly white political machine that controlled the voting electoral process.
While writing her book, Gritter got to work alongside famous Civil Rights Leaders such
as Julian Bond, who helped to establish the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
Gritter said she invested a lot of time and work in researching and writing while working on
her master and doctoral degrees.
“For my undergraduate honors thesis I traveled to Memphis and conducted oral histories of
four leading civil rights figures,” she said. “The oral histories became the basis of my master’s thesis and then I conducted
nearly 30 oral histories of civil rights and political figures.
The IU Southeast athletic department launched a video
campaign joining the You Can Play project to promote an
attitude of inclusiveness and tolerance in athletic programs
at IU Southeast. IU Southeast is the first Indiana University
campus to produce a video for the You Can Play initiative.
Diane Reid, Coordinator of Diversity for Academic Affairs
and Michael Abernethy, Lecturer of Communication Studies,
brought the vision for the video to the athletic department
and University Communications staffs, which helped
produce the campaign.
“IU Southeast wants to become a model for the support
of diversity on campus and in our community,“ Reid said.
“With the launch of this video, we will join other universities
who have publicly committed their support to creating a
positive, welcoming climate for their athletes. We are proud
to be the first IU campus to join the You Can Play project.”
Channell Barbour
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