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graduated from IU Southeast on May 11 with

a B.A. in journalism, and she became an

assignment editor for a Louisville television

station, WLKY News, two days later. While

at work, Warwick deploys reporters and

photographers to cover events, posts news

stories online and completes several other

tasks. “I like the breaking news,” Warwick

said. “It’s exciting when something near

happens that you weren’t expecting. Sending

a crew out, keeping up with them, learning

more about the situation as it develops.”

As a student, Warwick gained hands-on

experience that prepared her for her position

at WLKY. She worked on IU Southeast’s

student-run news organization, The Horizon,

as a staff member and then the news editor.

Additionally, Warwick completed internships

at the Special Olympics of Kentucky, the

Kentucky Science Center and Estes Public

Relations. Warwick said she believes hands-

on experience is valuable, and she enjoyed

getting that as a student. “You can sit in a

classroom all day and talk about camera

angles and how to shoot stuff and how to do

interviews, but it’s really (about) going out and

doing it,” Warwick said.