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IU Southeast Alumni Board of Directors


Phyllis Andres, President

Jim Bradshaw, Immediate Past President

John Crase, President Elect

Josh Kornberg, Treasurer

Stephanie Book

Stephanie Collins

Bob Lane

Lyndsay Prichard

Melissa Seacat

Marguerite Stearns

Debbie Tackett

Nicole Yates

Oneita Phillips , Neal Marshall Committee

IU Southeast Board of Advisors


Phyllis Andres

Joe Boesing

Jim Bradshaw

Jil Greene

Edward Jerdonek

Renato LaRocca

D. Jack Mahuron

Sally Newkirk

Jim Bradshaw

Sue Sanders

Don Smith

Norman Stiefler

John Walczak

Rose Wathen

Rosita Young

For any alumni-related questions or

information, please contact:

J.T. Douglas

Director of Alumni Engagement

and Annual Giving

(812) 941-2417

Office of Alumni Relations

US 202

4201 Grant Line Road

New Albany, IN 47150

(812) 941-2384

Welcome to another great year of Indiana University

Southeast. I am Phyllis Andres and I am serving as

your Alumni Board President for 2015-16. As a proud

IU Southeast graduate from the class of 1990 with a

Bachelor of Science in Business, I am excited to see

the campus’ growth and success in so many facets

- from bricks and mortar, to professors, to housing,

to the many diverse students and degrees.  In the

middle of all of this energy is Chancellor Ray Wallace

promoting new ideas and bright visions for continued

growth .

The members of the IU Southeast Alumni Board are all volunteers who are

committed to supporting alumni and creating opportunities to bring you back

to campus. Our current students need your insight and direction. They need to

hear from and see what is possible with an IU Southeast degree. Many thanks

to the previous leadership, most recently outgoing president, Jim Bradshaw.

We continue to build on past successes and look forward to many more. And

that means you.

Awareness and involvement. Those are the two key success factors for our

Board this year. We want to encourage each and every one of you to be a factor

in growing awareness and involvement with Indiana University Southeast. Did

you know you are an alumni if you’ve only taken one class here? And if you are

not currently an active member, it only takes a small monetary contribution to

become active. To help support student and alumni activities. To be an integral

part of building our local talent with skills and knowledge. To strengthen the

region’s work force and spur economic development.

Awareness and involvement are easy. You can be a student, an alumnus

or alumna board member, resident of the local Indiana and Kentucky

communities, or living anywhere in the world. We want you to connect with

us. We schedule activities throughout the year, such as Day at the Downs,

Medallion Dinner, Night at the Bats, Victorian Tea, Nearly Naked Mile (just

ask!) and Distinguished Alumni recogntion. We want to see your smiling faces

attending or participating.

You will be seeing and hearing about activities throughout the year. Our new

Chancellor is helping to inspire a new culture of involvement. Come join us. We

welcome your ideas and suggestions for involving yourself, current and future

students, or your organization. Just email us at

. I guarantee

our involvement with a response.

Phyllis Andres

President, IU Southeast Alumni Association

To submit an entry for

Class Notes


In Memoriam

, please email the Office

of Alumni and Community Relations


To submit by

mail, please address Class Notes to:

Office of Alumni and Community


Indiana University Southeast

Attn: Class Notes

4201 Grant Line Road

New Albany, IN 47150