Page 15 - RN-BSN Handbook Flip

Student Support Services
Academic Advisor
Assists students from admission through graduation to develop academic
plans, select courses, discuss issues or concerns regarding academic progress,
withdrawal, reinstatement, bankruptcy, appeals, scholarship information, etc.
Make an appointment with your advisor by calling the nursing secretary at (812)
Sarah Gierke, M.Ed.
phone: (812) 941-2283
Brenda Hackett, M.S.N., RZ
phone: (812) 941-2283
Adult Student Center
US-206, phone: (812) 941-2498
Provides programs, information, and support to nontraditional students and
advocates to the campus at large for the unique needs of the older student.
Career Development Center
US-106, phone: (812) 941-2275
Provides students and alumni with opportunities for career exploration,
clarification and professional growth.
Center for Mentoring,
US-205, phone: (812) 941-2516
Provides students assistance as they matriculate and make the transition to life at
IU Southeast. It pairs students with volunteer mentors who guide them through
their first-year experience and on through graduation.
Children’s Center
phone: (812) 941-2402
A drop-off child care facility that provides services for students, faculty, and
staff at modest rates.The goal of the center is to provide children with a learning
environment that uses integrated, thematic units to keep children interested and
tie subjects together. Children between the ages of 2 (potty-trained) to the age of
may be enrolled at the center.