Page 16 - RN-BSN Handbook Flip

Disability Services,
US -207, phone: (812) 941-2243
Assists students with documented disabilities by determining their eligibility
for services then working with students and faculty to determine reasonable
accommodations to give the student equal access to the University. Students with
physical, learning, or emotional health disabilities (as documented by a physician,
psychologist, or qualified healthcare professional) may contact the Coordinator
for the Office of Disability Services for guidance regarding appropriate
accommodations. Students with disabilities must meet the Essential Abilities
criteria with (or without) reasonable accommodations.
Mathematics Laboratory
PS-015, phone: (812) 941-2670
Enhances and supplements mathematics instruction and tutoring.
Medical Insurance
Indiana University contracts with Aetna Health to offer comprehensive health
plans at reasonable prices for students and their dependents at all IU campus
locations. Complete information about eligibility, coverage, and enrollment are
online at
This information includes plan coverage
booklets and premium rates. A student medical insurance coordinator is also
available at
or (812) 856-4650 (Bloomington).
Personal Counseling Services,
US-201, phone: (812) 941-2244
Licensed and professionally trained staff offer limited counseling free of charge
to currently enrolled students. Help students achieve their personal and academic
goals by providing short-term therapeutic intervention for a variety of problems
including anxiety, depression, etc. Consultations offered for students, parents,
faculty, and staff.
Residence Life and Housing
phone: (812) 941-2115
The Residence Life program enriches the intellectual and cultural experiences
of students through intentional programming that promotes student growth,
development, and learning. On-campus housing is provided.