Page 19 - RN-BSN Handbook Flip

Basic Life Support/CPR
Students must show proof of certification in basic life support for healthcare
providers upon admission to the nursing program/cohort.
Certification in basic life support must remain current throughout the duration
of the nursing program.The student is responsible for renewing CPR/Basic Life
Support skills on an annual or bi-annual basis (as required by the CPR
provider) and providing proof of renewal to the nursing office.
Online students must submit verification of current licensure from the state in
which the nurse practices when starting nursing classes and annually thereafter.
Classroom students must submit verification of current Indiana Licensure on
admission to the nursing cohort and annually thereafter.
Criminal Background Check
The School of Nursing is committed to educating professional nurses and is
obligated to provide safe and effective care to the clients we serve. To ensure
that students in the School of Nursing uphold professional standards, integrity,
and behavior expectations in the Nursing Program, students will be required to
submit verification of a National Criminal Background Check upon admission
to the School of Nursing.
a. The RN to B.S.N. student is expected to submit verification of a national
criminal background check prior to being admitted into the RN to B.S.N.
cohort. If the nurses’ license is under investigation, on probation, or revoked
due to action by the Board of Nursing, the student’s standing in the program
may be jeopardized.
b. Arrangements and cost for the National Criminal Background Check are the
responsibility of the student. The agency that conducts background checks
for the IU Southeast School of Nursing will forward results to the School
of Nursing.