Page 22 - RN-BSN Handbook Flip

Academic Policies
Admission to the RN to B.S.N. Cohort or Online Nursing Classes
Registered nurses seeking admission to the IU School of Nursing must apply
to the Office of Admissions at IU Southeast.With exception of admission to the
nursing cohort, all School of Nursing policies pertinent to B.S.N. program majors
also apply to registered nurse undergraduate students.
Admission to the nursing cohort/online classes is not competitive. RN students
who have successfully completed general education course work and maintain a
minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA and 2.7 nursing GPA are eligible to take nursing
The nursing admission GPA is calculated on all completed courses required for
the B.S.N. degree. Grades earned in transfer courses accepted and applied to
required general education credit hours will count in the calculation of the
entry GPA.
General Education Courses
Designate which courses will meet the general education requirements where
course choice is an option.
Students are expected to meet the general education requirements that are
currently in effect unless the student has a prior degree plan that was developed
with the academic advisor.
Repeat Courses
Courses designated for the nursing major may be repeated only one (1) time.
Students must successfully complete all courses for the degree with a C or
better by the second attempt.
The repeated grade will be the grade used in the calculation of the admission
grade point average.
Students may repeat no more than three (3) required/cluster courses.
Of the three courses, only two (2) failures will be allowed in science courses.
One science course and corresponding lab are considered one course).
This criteria applies also to any student wishing to transfer required courses
from a university other than Indiana University.