Page 27 - RN-BSN Handbook Flip

Withdrawal from Nursing Courses
Withdrawals (grade of W) from nursing courses will be issued to students
wishing to withdraw from any or all courses in accordance with the University’s
withdrawal policies and procedures.
Students withdrawing from nursing course work must complete the “W”
course prior to progression in the program.
Students withdrawing from required nursing course work will be considered
out-of-sequence students. Failure to register for each sequential semester
once accepted into the program is an interruption in academic progress and the
student is out of sequence.The date of graduation for out-of-sequence students
is not guaranteed.
More than three academic withdrawals in a semester is considered lack of
progress toward the degree. A pattern of withdrawals may influence a request
for consideration of reinstatement to the nursing program.
Withdrawal from the nursing program courses constitutes a disruption in
progression and requires that a student seek reinstatement to the program.
Students must submit a formal written request to the Admission, Progression,
and Graduation (APG) Committee at least one semester in advance of wishing
to return.
Dismissal from the Nursing Program
A student will be dismissed from the program when, in the judgment of the
Admission, Progression, and Graduation (APG) Committee, there is a lack of
progress toward the degree. Lack of progress will include, but not be limited to,
the following:
Failure to:
Achieve a 2.0 semester grade point average in any two consecutive semesters.
Earn a grade of C (2.0) or S (satisfactory) in any two required nursing courses
didactic or practicum/clinical) on the first attempt.
Achieve a minimum grade of C (2.0) in any required nursing didactic course or
S (Satisfactory) in any required nursing practicum/clinical course by the
second attempt.