Page 29 - RN-BSN Handbook Flip

The student will appear before the APG committee only at the request of
the committee.
Additional documentation may be requested by the committee in order
to make a decision about reinstatement.
The student will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision.
The committee’s decision to reinstate does not guarantee a seat for the student
since reinstatement may depend upon the availability of space in the class.
Grievance Process
Students in the School of Nursing are expected to meet the standards of conduct
as defined in the IU Code of Student Rights, and Responsibilities and Conduct;
the American Nurses Association’s Standards of Professional Performance; and
the IU Southeast Essential Abilities.
Students are encouraged to consult with nursing faculty associated with the
problem/issue as the first step towards resolution.
It is expected that the course faculty will discuss with students any issues/
problems that violate standards of conduct. First is a verbal discussion and, if
there is an inadequate response, it progresses to a written warning. If the behavior
is serious enough to warrant a written clinical contract, the faculty will identify
the detrimental behavior and outline steps for improvement.
If the situation is not resolved in the School of Nursing or if the behavior violates
the IU Southeast Student Code of Conduct, the student/faculty will follow the
IU Southeast grievance process.
Plagiarism, cheating, etc., will be handled through the Office of Student Affairs
and the dean of the School of Nursing.
Violation of academic and/or conduct standards may be cause for dismissal from
the nursing program.