Page 18 - Pre-Nursing Handbook Flip

When should I apply to the School of Nursing?
Applications for admission are available each February. You should apply the
year that all pre-nursing requirements will be met by the end of the first
summer session.
What criteria does the Admissions, Progression, Graduation (APG)
Committee use to decide who is accepted into the BSN?
Students are accepted based on grade point average (GPA) and the score on the
KAPLAN Admission Assessment for reading comprehension.The score from
the admission assessment test for Reading Comprehension will be combined
with the nursing GPA to rank students for admission to nursing.The admission
GPA will consist of the nursing GPA (75 percent) and the Reading
Comprehension assessment score (25 percent).
I’ve heard that some students get priority for admission?
Yes. Priority for admission is given to all qualified applicants who have
completed the majority (51 percent or 16 hours) of their pre-nursing course
work at IU Southeast. If additional space is available, the next priority
is given to students who completed the majority of their course work on
another Indiana University campus. Students transferring the majority of
prerequisite course work from a non-IU school are given lowest priority for
What are the chances for admission for students who finish course work in
the Spring compared those who don’t finish until Summer I?
Students will be admitted to the School of Nursing in two cycles, Spring and
Summer. Of the students admitted, 75 percent (41students) will be admitted
in the Spring and 25 percent (14 students) will be admitted at the end of
Summer I.
Students who have completed course and GPA requirements by the end of
the Spring semester and have taken 51percent of prerequisite coursework on
the IU Southeast campus will be considered for Spring admission to the School
of Nursing.