Page 19 - Pre-Nursing Handbook Flip

Students who have completed course and GPA requirements by the end of
Summer I and have taken 51 percent of required coursework on the IU
Southeast campus will be the second group considered for admission.
Students who met requirements but were not admitted in the spring due to
limited space will be considered again with the summer group.
Is the B.S.N. course plan on the IU Southeast website?
Yes, except for students who were pre-nursing majors before fall 2008.
Those students should contact the pre-nursing advisor for the correct
course plan.
Are students permitted to take pre-nursing courses online?
Yes, a maximum of nine (9) credit hours of general education course work may
be completed online.The only general education courses that cannot be taken
online are SPCH-S 121 and MATH-K 300.
Do any of my general education courses “double count” in the B.S.N.
course plan?
No. For the B.S.N. curriculum, one course fulfills one general education
requirement.When a course is on more than one list, the student must choose
which general education requirement the course will meet. One course cannot
be used to meet two requirements.
Are transfer courses included in my B.S.N. application GPA?
Yes. Your IU Southeast transcript will not include the grades for the courses
that you transferred. However, you will report your grades in transfer courses
on your B.S.N. application.
I have a transfer course that was accepted as undistributed credit. I think
the course might count as a pre-nursing requirement. What should I do?
Undistributed course work must be approved by the School of Nursing
Admission, Progression, and Graduation (APG) committee.The committee will
need to review the course description and syllabus for the course. Contact the
pre-nursing advisor for more information.