Page 20 - Pre-Nursing Handbook Flip

Are C minus grades accepted in the B.S.N. degree?
No. Students who earn less than C in any course required for the B.S.N. must
exercise the grade replacement policy to repeat the course.The most recent
grade will be used to calculate the application GPA. Only three courses may be
repeated, and of those only two science courses may be repeated.
Should I retake a course to improve my grade if I have already earned a C?
Although this is not generally recommended, occasionally students who have
already earned a grade of C or better in a pre-nursing course want to repeat
that course to improve their application GPA.The second grade will be the
grade calculated in the GPA, even if it’s a lower grade.
Note: Retaking a course for which you made a C or better is not considered
a “repeat”.
How many times can a course required for the B.S.N. be repeated?
One time. Students must successfully complete all course work for the degree
with a “C” or better by the second attempt.
I am returning to college after 10 years. Will my previous credits count
toward the B.S.N. degree?
Yes, EXCEPT for anatomy (ANAT-A 215), physiology (PHSL-P 215),
microbiology (MICR-J 200/201), statistical techniques (MATH-K 300),
and life-span development (PSY-B 310). If these courses were completed more
than seven years before admission to the BSN degree, you must validate your
knowledge of the subject matter through testing, creating a portfolio, or
repeating the course. Contact the pre-nursing advisor for more information.