Page 23 - Pre-Nursing Handbook Flip

Admission Process
Admission to the School of nursing occurs in two steps.
a. First, offers of conditional admission will be extended to applicants with the
highest combined GPA and admission assessment test rankings. Scores will be
weighted with the nursing GPA accounting for 75 percent and the admission
assessment test 25 percent of the combined ranking.
b. Offers of full admission will be extended to provisional admits who
have submitted results of the criminal background check and documentation of
immunizations, TB (tuberculosis) screening, and CPR.
Priority for admission will be given to all qualified applicants who have
completed the majority (more than half) of their prerequisite course work at
IU Southeast.
If additional spaces are available, the next priority is given to students who
completed the majority of the course work on another Indiana University
campus. Students transferring the majority of prerequisite course work from a
non-IU school are accorded lowest priority for admission.
Applicants will be admitted to the School of Nursing in two cycles, Spring and
Summer. Starting fall 2013, of the 55 students admitted, 41 students will be
admitted in the spring and 14 students will be admitted at the end of
summer I. Qualified applicants who are not selected in the spring cycle will
be considered for Summer admission.
Transfer students from IU campuses and non-IU campuses will be considered
for admission after all IU Southeast students have been admitted. Transfers will
be notified of admission status within two weeks of the end of Summer I.
There is no waiting list. Students must apply to the School of Nursing each year
to be considered for admission to the nursing program.
Students are permitted to make changes to the application prior to the
application deadline. Information contained on the application after the
deadline is final.