Page 25 - Pre-Nursing Handbook Flip

Course Grades
Grades for all required coursework must be entered on your transcript by
June 25.This includes any incomplete courses, current courses, correspondence
or independent study, and transfer courses. If you have any questions about
your transcript or how to verify this information, please see an advisor.
Students must achieve a grade of C (2.0) or higher in all program requirements.
General Education Courses
Designate which courses will meet the general education requirements where
course choice is an option.
Students who entered IU Southeast in fall 2005 and thereafter are required to
take S121 Public Speaking to satisfy one of the Communication requirements.
Students who entered IU Southeast prior to Fall 2005 may choose from courses
on the June 2004 general education list. Students who entered IU Southeast
in 2005 and thereafter may choose from courses on the list in effect the year the
student declared the pre-nursing major and subsequent lists.
Repeat Courses
Courses designated for the nursing major may be repeated only one (1) time.
Students must successfully complete all courses for the degree with a C or
better by the second attempt.
The repeated grade will be the grade used in the calculation of the admission
grade point average.
Students may repeat no more than three (3) required courses. Of the three
courses, only two (2) failures will be allowed in science courses. (One science
course and corresponding lab are considered one course).
This criterion applies also to any student wishing to transfer required courses
from a university other than Indiana University.