Page 27 - Pre-Nursing Handbook Flip

Application Timeline
Fall Admission:
Step 1: Submit the Online application
Go to
and click on nursing application.
Available during February only.
Questions? Call the Nursing office at (812) 941-2283.
Step 2: Complete the Admission Assessment
Take the Admission Assessment test.
Note: Scores are not saved from year to year.
An assessment must be completed with each application.
Call the Student Development Center at (812) 941-2312 to register
for the Admission Assessment.
No charge for the admission assessment test.
Questions? Call the Nursing office at (812) 941-2283.
Spring Admission:
Applicants who complete pre-nursing courses by the end of spring semester.
May, 3rdWeek
Letters of conditional admission* sent to students who have been
accepted by the end of the Spring semester.
Instructions for background checks, immunizations, and CPR will
be included in conditional admission letters.
June, 2ndWeek
Deadline for criminal background checks and drug screens.
Fees: Approximately $30. Exact amount will be included in letter of
conditional admission.
Immunizations and CPR due for students conditionally admitted to
the Nursing program.