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Academic Policies
Academic Standing
Good Standing:
Students who maintain a minimum cumulative grade point
average (GPA) of 2.0 and earn a grade of “C” (2.0) or better in all required
general education and didactic courses and a grade of “S” in all required
practicum/clinical courses will be considered in good standing.
Academic Probation:
Occurs when the GPA falls below 2.0 (C)
Academic Suspension:
Student on academic probation who fails to make a
C average or better during an academic term
See Academically At-Risk Students (below) for more information.
Academically At-Risk Students
Students who are having academic difficulty are encouraged to talk with their
course instructor and/or academic advisor as soon as possible.The instructor
and/or advisor can often provide helpful information and suggestions that
prevent the student from experiencing academic probation or suspension from
the University.
Academic Probation and Suspension Procedures (Probation, Suspension,
Readmission) can be found at
A student whose cumulative program GPA falls below 2.0 (C), and who has
attempted at least six (6) credits of IU coursework, will be placed on academic
When a student is placed on academic probation, a letter to this effect shall be
sent to the student and an electronic copy will be kept in the Registrar’s office
and sent to your school/division. When a student on academic probation raises
his or her cumulative GPA to at least 2.0, the student is released from