Page 10 - Student Handbook Flip

Other essential behavioral attributes:
ability to engage in activities consistent
with safe nursing practice without demonstrated behaviors of addiction to,
abuse of, or dependence on alcohol or other drugs that may impair behavior
or judgment.The students must demonstrate responsibility and accountability
for actions as a student in the School of Nursing and as a developing
professional nurse consistent with accepted standards of practice.
Students failing to meet these essential abilities, as determined by faculty, at any
point in their academic program may have their progress interrupted until they
have demonstrated their ability to meet these essential abilities within negotiated
time frames. Refer to Student Policies for more information.
Social Media and Electronic Communication
As future professional nurses with a unique obligation and responsibility, nursing
students must be cognizant of the public nature of social media and other
electronic communication and the permanent nature of communicating therein.
These technologies may give the impression of privacy, but postings and other
data should be considered in the public realm and freely visible by many people.
State and federal regulations related to confidentiality, along with HIPPA, require
that no patient information be made available to the public.These regulations
apply to comments made on social networking sites, and violators are subject to
the same disciplinary action as with other HIPAA violations.
Indiana Southeast logos may not be used on any social media without the
approval of the IU Southeast School of Nursing
Students in the Nursing Program at IU Southeast will:
a. Not post content or otherwise speak on the behalf of the clinical agency or
School of Nursing unless approved by the instructor and clinical agency
b. Promptly report any identified breach of confidentiality or privacy to the
instructor and appropriate authority within the clinical facility (ANA Paper)
c. Not transmit by way on any media, any patient-related information or images.
In addition, student nurses are restricted from transmitting any information
that may be reasonably anticipated to violate patient rights to confidentiality
or privacy or otherwise degrade or embarrass a patient (ANA Paper)