Page 16 - Student Handbook Flip

Career Development Center
US-106, phone: (812) 941-2275
Provides students and alumni with opportunities for career exploration,
clarification, and professional growth. Provide services aimed at increasing career
awareness, instilling personal confidence, providing enhanced employment
opportunities and encouraging students to achieve their personal and
professional career-related goals.
Center for Mentoring,
US-205, phone: (812) 941-2516
Provides students assistance as they matriculate and make the transition to life at
IU Southeast. It pairs students with volunteer mentors who guide them through
their first-year experience and on through graduation.
Children’s Center
phone: (812) 941-2402
A drop-off child care facility that provides services for students, faculty, and
staff at modest rates.The goal of the center is to provide children with a learning
environment that uses integrated, thematic units to keep children interested and
tie subjects together. Children between the ages of 2 (potty-trained) to the age of
may be enrolled at the center.
Disability Services,
US -207, phone: (812) 941-2243
Assists students with documented disabilities by determining their eligibility
for services then working with students and faculty to determine reasonable
accommodations and services which will give the student equal access to the
university. Students with physical, learning, or emotional health disabilities (as
documented by a physician, psychologist, or qualified healthcare professional)
may contact the Coordinator for the Office of Disability Services for guidance
regarding appropriate accommodations. Students with disabilities must meet the
Essential Abilities criteria with (or without) reasonable accommodations.
Mathematics Laboratory
PS-015, phone: (812) 941-2670
Enhances and supplements mathematics instruction and tutoring. Students may
sharpen their skills using both computer tutorials and individual tutoring.