Page 20 - Student Handbook Flip

If the immunization record is not available, student or parents
memory of receipt of primary series with booster may serve as adequate proof of
immunization. If immunization status cannot be documented, a primary series
must be initiated.
History of prior varicella or varicella-zoster antibody as determined
by a certified laboratory must be provided.
Hepatitis B Vaccine:
Proof of receipt of Hepatitis B vaccine series must be
provided.The student must have had the first injection in the series before the
first day of class.
Influenza vaccine is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED annually.
OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard is the basis for infection control for the
School of Nursing. Basic B.S.N. students receive instruction and a printed copy of
the Standard upon entry to the nursing program. B.S.N. and RN-B.S.N. students
are expected to use standard/universal precautions appropriately.
Basic Life Support/CPR
Students must show proof of certification in basic life support for healthcare
providers upon admission to the nursing program/cohort.
Certification in basic life support must remain current throughout the duration
of the nursing program.The student is responsible for renewing CPR/Basic Life
Support skills on an annual or bi-annual basis (as required by the CPR
provider) and providing proof of renewal to the nursing office.
Criminal Background Check
To ensure that students in the School of Nursing uphold professional standards,
integrity, and behavior expectations in the Nursing Program, all students are
required to submit verification of a National Criminal Background Check upon
admission to the School of Nursing and in each year thereafter.
Students admitted to the Indiana University Southeast School of Nursing are
required to submit verification of a national criminal background check as a
condition of admission to the program and prior to each fall semester annually.