Page 21 - Student Handbook Flip

Results will be sent to the School of Nursing by the background
checking agency.
Arrangements and cost for the National Criminal Background Check are the
responsibility of the student.
Information regarding criminal offense or conviction gathered as a result of a
background investigation may result in denial of admission, dismissal, or other
action deemed appropriate by the School of Nursing.This includes but, not
limited to:
Any criminal offense or conviction affecting licensing by the Indiana Health
Professions Bureau pursuant to statue IC 25-1-1.1
Any criminal offense or conviction affecting licensing by the Kentucky Board
of Nursing per Statute KRS 314.109.
Examples include:
Dishonesty, substance abuse, sexual offenses, breach of trust, danger to the
public safety, or physical harm or endangerment.
The acts from which the conviction resulted may be considered as to
whether the student should be entrusted to serve the public as a
registered nurse.
Drug Screen
The School of Nursing is reaffirming a position of no tolerance for conduct
associated with drug and alcohol use/abuse that in any way jeopardizes patient
safety or pursuit of excellence in professionalism and education. Students must
refrain from any use/abuse of alcohol outside the clinical setting or classroom
which adversely affects a student’s performance in the clinical setting or
classroom, or adversely affects or threatens the interests of the School of Nursing.
Drugs” and “Alcohol” are defined to include any substance with the potential to
produce the effects of intoxication and/or behavior which may impair a student’s
ability to safely and efficiently perform in the clinical or classroom environment.