Page 22 - Student Handbook Flip

IU Southeast nursing students are expected to comply with drug screening as a
condition of admission to the nursing program and annually. Requirements are
subject to change at any time during the program.
Arrangements for the drug screen appointment and the cost of the drug screen
are the responsibility of the student. Results will be sent to the School of
Nursing by the screening agency.
Minimum screening (10 Panel) will test for cocaine metabolites,
benzodiazepines, methadone, methaqualone, barbiturates, marijuana
metabolite, opiates, phencyclidine, amphetamines, and propoxyphene/
Failure to undergo the urine drug screen, a positive drug screen (with no
authorized prescription to validate the presence of the drug), or a tampered-
with urine sample will result in denial of admission or dismissal from the
Students may not attend classroom or clinical experiences until drug screen
results are received by the School of Nursing. Any missed clinical or class time
is considered unexcused.
If the drug screen shows diluted or adulterated results, the student will
be allowed one retest. If the student fails the second test, the student will be
dismissed from the program.
Students demonstrating behaviors that suggest drug or alcohol usage, or
behaviors associated with intoxication will be immediately dismissed from
the classroom or clinical area and may be required to obtain a drug and alcohol
screen within eight hours.
Immediate dismissal will occur for any student proven to be under the
influence of any illegal drug or alcohol while in the classroom, caring for
patients in any clinical setting, or while involved in any clinical experience on
the IU Southeast campus.
The handling of all records and subject information will be
strictly confidential and revealed only to those required to have access.
Any breach of confidentiality will be considered serious and appropriate
disciplinary action will be taken.