Page 24 - Student Handbook Flip

Academically At-Risk Students
To provide early intervention for students who are not meeting or who
are minimally meeting expectations in the classroom and clinical setting.
Students who consistently score below 80 percent on quizzes, tests and papers
in the classroom will be notified at mid-term by the instructor or course leader.
The student will be asked to complete a study plan designed to improve
progress and successfully complete the course.The plan will be submitted to the
instructor with follow-up discussion as needed.
Students are encouraged to meet with the instructor to help improve academic
performance early on.
Students whose clinical performance is marginal or does not meet expectations
will be counseled by faculty as issues arise.
If the student’s performance is consistently below expectations, the clinical
instructor will initiate a written contract to identify performance problems
and make recommendations for improvement.The instructor and student
will discuss the clinical contract, then sign and date the document.
Clinical contracts are binding and failure to meet expectations can result in
course failure.
Admission and Readmission to the Nursing Program
To identify practices in the B.S.N. and RN-B.S.N. programs for
admission and readmission of pre-nursing and nursing students.
Students admitted to the B.S.N. and RN-B.S.N. nursing major must formally
accept or decline admission in writing prior to beginning of the semester to
which the student has been admitted.
a. Students who have been accepted to the B.S.N. program but decline acceptance
for any reason must reapply to the program and compete with the applicant
pool for the semester in which they request admission for the second time.