Page 27 - Student Handbook Flip

Withdrawal from Nursing Courses
Withdrawals (grade of W) from nursing courses will be issued to students
wishing to withdraw from any or all courses in accordance with the University’s
withdrawal policies and procedures.
Students withdrawing from nursing course work must complete the course
prior to progression in the program.
Students who withdraw from the nursing major in the first semester must seek
readmission to the program. Readmission is subject to competitive review.
Students withdrawing from required nursing course work will be considered
out-of-sequence students. Students who have failed to register for each
sequential semester once accepted into the program will be seen as having
interrupted their academic progress and out of sequence.The date of
graduation for out-of-sequence students is not guaranteed.
Withdrawal from a didactic course requires an automatic withdrawal from
the corresponding co-requisite courses. If a student withdraws from a didactic
course that requires an automatic withdrawal from a co-requisite practicum,
this withdrawal from the two courses will be counted as one withdrawal.
More than three academic withdrawals in a semester is considered lack of
progress toward the degree. A pattern of withdrawals may influence a request
for consideration of reinstatement to the nursing program.
Withdrawal from nursing program courses constitutes a disruption in
progression and requires that a student seek reinstatement to the program.
Students must submit a formal written request to the Admission, Progression,
and Graduation (APG) Committee at least one semester in advance of wishing
to return.
Academic Probation
A student who earns a grade less than C (2.0) in a course required for the major
or whose cumulative GPA standing falls below 2.0 will be placed on probation.
Successful completion of the course by the second attempt or increase in GPA
standing will remove the probationary status.