Page 8 - Student Handbook Flip

Personal Misconduct (examples)
Dishonesty, including initiating a false report
Assuming another person’s identity
Violation of technology policies
Disorderly or obscene conduct
Actions which endanger self, others, or the academic process
Failure to comply with the directions of authorized university officials
Damage to university property
Acting with violence, encouraging or participating in a riot
Physical or verbal abuse
Stalking or hazing
Unauthorized possession or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs
Unauthorized use or entry of university facilities
Unauthorized taking or possession of university property or property of others
Unauthorized setting of fires or unauthorized use or interference
with fire equipment
Unauthorized possession, use, etc. of incendiary devices
Possession or sale of any weapon or potential weapon on campus
Intentionally obstructing access to university facilities, property, or programs
Violation of disseminated university policies (e.g. housing policies),
state or federal law
Acts that threaten or intimidate any potential participant in a judicial process
Refer to the
Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct”
for complete
information on the rights, responsibilities, and conduct expected of all students.
Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct”
may be accessed at
Student Complaint and Conduct Procedures”
may be
accessed at
For additional information, call the Office of Student Affairs at (812) 941-2420.