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Personal Contact

Personal contact is a principal way to increase the

inclusiveness of a candidate pool. Committee

members may contact candidates in the form of an

e-mail or phone call to all those nominated for the

position by other colleagues.

Other Sources

You may also contact the career placement offices

of other universities in the Big Ten or in your

geographic region.

The Offices of Human Resources and Equity &

Diversity are available to help you research other

advertising sources.


Targeted publications

(Women & Minorities)

Several general publications are targeted to women and

minorities in higher education. These include


Issues in Higher Education, Hispanic Outlook,


Women in Higher Education

. Many discipline-specific

organizations include specific recruitment venues for

women and minorities. These sources can be identified

by checking organizational websites.

Colleague Contacts

A comprehensive recruitment plan should include having

department faculty and staff members contact colleagues

they know, either by phone or by e-mail, to ask them

both to talk to their students about the position and to

solicit nominations of potential candidates. Research has

shown that minority candidates are more likely to apply

for positions when they have been contacted directly by

the search committee or recommended by a colleague

with whom they have worked.


When attending conferences, faculty and/or staff

members should always seek potential new department

members. This is especially true if there is a current

vacancy in the department or a vacancy is anticipated.

Members of the campus community should encourage

potential candidates to apply and give them a business

card so they will have a personal contact at the

department. Additionally, conferences are a good place

to connect with colleagues from whom nominations may

be solicited.

International Searches

If it is likely non-U.S. Citizens will be applying for the

position, you must ensure the recruitment plan includes

advertising on a national website or a printed national

publication. Proof of advertisement is required for visa

processing. You may also want to contact Human

Resources early in the process for any other requirements

that may affect your search.