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“Ultimately, to diversify the faculty, the criteria used for hiring and promotion must also be diversified.”

- Association of American Colleges and Universities

Acknowledgment of Application

Applicants create an account in the PeopleAdmin online

application system. Prospective candidates enter diversity

when they apply (i.e. race, disability, veterans status,

demographic data, etc.)

Organization of Applications

Applications and related materials are uploaded in

PeopleAdmin by the candidates. This information may be

accessed at any time if needed.

Initial Screening

Initial screening is based on the minimum qualifications set

out in the job notice. Applicants are screened against

teaching criteria such as required degrees, years in research,

experience, and other relevant criteria.

Screening Criteria

Search Committees must discuss in advance the

criteria they will use to evaluate all candidates. All

criteria must be based on actual position needs and

must not unnecessarily screen out candidates

because of their race, sex, age, veteran status,

disability, or ethnicity. Be mindful of biases that

inadvertently screen out well-qualified candidates

with nontraditional career paths or research interests.

Recognize that diverse paths and experiences can

contribute positively to a candidate’s qualifications.

Evaluating Candidates

All members of the search committee should review

each candidate’s application and evaluate it using the

agreed upon criteria. Resist the impulse to label

candidates the “most promising” because this may

make it difficult for other candidates to be fully

considered. Avoid unfounded assumptions, e.g.,

members of a particular racial group do not like

living here, women who pursued degrees part-time

are not serious scholars, excellent candidates will be

heavily recruited, or a married candidate’s spouse

will not be willing to move. Let candidates decide

these issues for themselves. Do review how a

candidate’s diverse experiences or commitment to

diversity can contribute to the department.