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“A well-hosted campus visit allows candidates to make well-informed decisions on whether the position and the place is a right ‘fit’ for them.”

- Association of American Colleges and Universities

Approval to Interview

The request for

Approval to Interview

eDoc must be

submitted and approved


scheduling on-campus

interviews with candidates. You should review all

applicants, indicate which of these you wish to interview,

and state reasonably why others have been rejected. Please

attach a separate document containing rejection reasons for

review by the Office of Equity and Diversity. An interview

pool of 3 - 5 candidates is encouraged. Be sure to list

additional candidates if available. Record the total number

of applications received. Be sure to include the

authorization number found on the approved


to Recruit document

. Required signatures for approval to

interview include: the academic dean/administrator who is

responsible for hiring, the committee chair, the Executive

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and the Director of

Staff Equity & Diversity. Allow adequate time to secure

all approvals before contacting candidates.

Preparing Interview Questions

The committee should compose a group of core questions

based on the job-related criteria to evaluate candidates.

These questions should be asked of all candidates to ensure

that crucial job-related information is obtained. Open-

ended questions tend to relax candidates and encourage free

speaking. Developing questions ahead of time need not be

unduly restrictive. Follow-up questions based on the

responses to pre-determined questions will most likely vary

with each candidate. Core questions should be reviewed to

ensure they do not unnecessarily screen out women and

minority candidates.

Telephone Interviews

Departments may use telephone interviews as a “pre



ew” near the end of the screening process. A request


Approval to Interview

is not required. It is important

that you let the candidate know in advance that you would

like to schedule a phone interview so that he or she is

prepared and understands it is part of the screening process.

It is also important that during these interviews, you are

consistent when questioning all of the candidates and

inappropriate questions are not asked. (Refer

to Ensuring

Bias-Free Recruitment: A Guide for Search Committees


page 9).

This should NOT be the only interview conducted with

successful candidates.

Informal Interviews

Interviewing at conferences can provide more

contact with a wide array of candidates and should

be done if possible. Although you need not fill out

the request for

Approval to Interview

for these types

of interviews, it is important that you have reviewed

information raised in the

Ensuring Bias-Free

Recruitment: A Guide for Search Committees

located on page 9 and do not ask inappropriate


Campus Visits

The campus visit serves a dual purpose. The

candidates are evaluating the campus and they

themselves are being evaluated.

Candidates should be given the itinerary for the visit

in advance and should be invited to request any

special accommodations they might require. It is

also appropriate to ask if there are any special offices

on campus the candidate would like to visit or if

there is anyone he/she would like to meet so

appointments can be made prior to the candidate’s

arrival. All faculty candidates must be interviewed

by the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic

Affairs and the Chancellor.

While evaluating the candidate the committee should

also assist the candidate in making an informed

decision about the campus by letting him or her meet

the administrators, other faculty, staff, and students

with similar interests.

Skills Demonstration

Indiana University Southeast policy encourages that

candidates demonstrate teaching or lecturing skills.

It is important this requirement be administered

consistently with all candidates and that all

candidates have enough notification to properly

prepare as well as to make any special request for

equipment or accommodations.