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The Interview

Beware of saying anything that could suggest unstated

criteria such as “We need new, young people with ideas.”

Understanding that minority candidates may have

concerns about the diversity of the campus, search

committees can ask if the candidate has any special

concerns or would like to meet with anyone else on

campus. Search committees should be prepared to offer

candidates assistance with faculty, staff, and student

demographics, programs, and centers. Candidates should

also be provided opportunities during the interview to

ask questions.

Open Sessions

Candidates should have time to interact with faculty,

staff, and students from the department and/or related

departments during open sessions. This provides a good

opportunity for the candidate to determine if he or she is

a good fit with the department. It is important during

these engagements that faculty members are careful not

to solicit personal information unrelated to the position

such as marital or parental status. However, incidental

conversation which includes these topics is permissible.

Additionally, faculty and/or staff members should be

able to address candidate concerns about such things as

schools, spousal employment, and benefits. Faculty

and/or staff members should feel comfortable conversing

with the candidate as they would any other colleague.

Information Packets

We recommend departments put together and mail

information packets to all candidates prior to scheduling

interviews. The packets should include a copy of the

Academic Handbook, department brochure, campus map,

benefit information, cultural and community center

information and brochures, and anything else that could

help the candidate get a feel for the campus and

department. A copy of the local or student newspaper

might provide a sense of the campus and community.

This guide includes a sheet on websites of interest to

visiting candidates which could be copied and included

in the packet (see page 23).

Reference Checks/Letters

Search committees and/or hiring managers are

required to check references or to request letters of

reference. However, telephone calls to candidate’s

references may provide added insight. The

committee should ask permission of the candidate

before calling anyone on the candidate’s prov


list of references. The committee may ask the

candidate if he/she is comfortable with their

seeking additional references from anyone else they

feel appropriate. When contacting a reference, the

committee should describe the position. Areas of

questioning should be consistent across candidates.

Credentials Check

Credential checks are the responsibility of the

hiring unit. Candidates who are being interviewed

for faculty positions should be asked to complete

the Personal Profile Forms (ED and PS).

These forms can be found at


(ED) Must be completed by the newly hired




For the employee to identify prior work

experience, professional education, licenses etc.


Contact the Office of Academic Affairs for more


Interview Candidates for Full-time

Faculty Positions

Candidates for full-time, continuing faculty

appointments must normally interview with the

Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

and the Chancellor as part of the on-campus

interview process. This includes candidates for

both tenure-track and non tenure-track

appointments. Candidates for temporary or visiting

appointments may interview with the Executive

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the

Chancellor depending on their availability.