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May Ask

(questions are job related)

Shouldn’t Ask

(questions are not job related)


Can you work the required schedule?

If an applicant is wearing a religious symbol you

should not assume his or her beliefs will affect their

performance at IU.

Can you work on Easter (or other specific religious

holiday)? Do you attend church?

You should not inquire about religious affiliations

of institutions the applicant has attended or make

assumptions about the applicant’s religion based on

attendance at those institutions.


Avoid comments or questions that imply that

gender is a factor in the employment decision.

How would you feel about working for a


Do you have any experience being the only

man/woman in your office?

You don’t often find men/women in

this line of

work. How did you become interested in this?

Do you prefer Mr. Mrs. Miss or Ms.?


An applicant’s height or weight cannot be used in

his or her evaluation.


You should not make assumptions about an


cant’s race based on name, appearance, or

mannerisms. Applicants should not feel their race

is a factor either positively or negatively in their

evaluation and comments or questions that imply

otherwise should be avoided.

There aren’t very many minoritie

s in our

department. Will that be a problem for you?

You look like you have an interesting family

history. How would you define your race?


Are you legally eligible to work in the

United States?

Applicant will be required to provide proof,

only after a conditional offer has been made.

You should avoid asking if an applicant is a United

States citizen.

What country are you a citizen of?



Do you regularly follow workplace safety


Have you ever filed for worker

’s compensation?

Have you had any prior work injuries?