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May Ask

(questions are job related)

Shouldn’t Ask

(questions are not job related)

National Origin

Are you legally eligible to work in the

United States? An applicant will be required

to verify this after the conditional offer is


Inquiry into languages applicants speak or

write fluently, if it is a requirement of the


Are you proficient in speaking and writing in

English? Should only be asked if asked of

all applicants.

Where were you born? Of what country are you a


Is your last name German? You have quite an Irish


I see you speak Spanish. Did you learn that in your

native country or in school?


If an applicant is applying for a financial

position, you can let them know that a credit

check will be done after a conditional offer

has been made and give them a chance to

explain anything that might show up there.

Do you own your own home?

How long have you lived at your present address?

Have your wages ever been garnished?



You are allowed to verify all credentials on

the applicant’s application or resume.

You may inquire if applicant has licenses


for the position (including driver’s

license). Licenses (including driver’s

license) can only be verified after a

conditional offer has been made.

Can I see your driver’s license?

When did you graduate from high school/college or

receive your degree?



You may ask about organizations the

applicant lists on his or her application or

resume. Including how he or she feels

membership in that organization would

benefit them in the position.

Are you a union member?

List all clubs, societies, and lodges to which you