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“Although salary is a major enticement or deterrent, the conversation regarding the compensation packages should

include other incentives the institution is willing to provide.”

- Association of American Colleges and Universities

The Offer Package

To discuss an offer package, the dean or hiring manager

should contact Human Resources to obtain information

about the standard benefits provided by the University such

as health and life insurance, retirement, and fee courtesy.

The discussion and offer should also review office and/or

lab space, research funding, prior sabbatical leave credit,

prior tenure credit, and other issues. It is a good idea to

familiarize yourself with IU policy on moving expenses.

Discuss this early with the candidate to reduce

complications later. In negotiations it is important to

emphasize that no commitments are final until they have

administrative approval and are written into the offer letter.

Approval to Extend Offer


Offer request eDoc must be approved


to sending

an offer letter or making a binding offer to the candidate.

Offer Letter (Professional & Bi-weekly)

After comments have been updated in PeopleAdmin by the

search committee, an email should be sent to the Office of

Equity and Diversity requesting an approval to extend

offer. Upon approval, the hiring manager and/or Human

Resources may extend a verbal salary offer. Human

Resources will send a letter to the successful candidate.

The Request to Recommend Appointment

for Academic Position

This form is completed for faculty by the Dean and

delivered to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic

Affairs. Required information includes the terms and

conditions of the offer.

Offer Letter (faculty)

The offer letter should describe the appointment (e.g.

tenure-track) and the professional duties required. It

is important that the letter include the statement


This offer is contingent on the University’s

verification of credentials and other information

required by State law and IU policies. The

Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986

requires the University to verify and retain a

record showing that each individual hired is a

U.S. citizen or an alien authorized to work in the


Offer with Tenure

When an offer will be made granting tenure, the

faculty of the school will be consulted about the

award of tenure prior to making the offer. An offer

with tenure will require additional approvals by the

Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the

Chancellor, the IU Executive Vice President, and

the Board of Trustees. The Executive Vice

Chancellor for Academic Affairs will be responsible

for securing the necessary approvals.

Salary Equity

When making a salary offer, departments should

keep in mind equity issues including minimum

salary requirements set annually by campus

administrators. Remember it is illegal to pay a

woman less than a man simply because the markets

will bear it, even though it may have been negotiated

by the candidate.

Notifying Unsuccessful Candidates

Since some first offers are rejected, it is important to

encourage candidate interest in the position.

Unsuccessful candidates should be notified only

after an offer has been accepted.