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“A solid foundation for campus faculty diversity can be laid by search committee processes – processes which not only reflect the

larger institutional commitment to diversity by which also serve as occasions for serious campus reflection on the barriers to

recruitment and retention of faculty of color.”

- Association of American Colleges and Universities

1. Search Process Flowchart for Faculty Recruitment p. 2

An explanation of each step in the faculty recruitment process.

2. Search Process Flowchart for Staff Recruitment p. 3

An explanation of each step in the professional and bi-weekly staff recruitment process.

3. Search Committees p. 4

A guide for assembling and operating a knowledgeable and diverse search committee.

4. Position Announcement p. 5

A guide for writing a position description which accurately reflects the duties of the position, yet

encourages a diverse candidate pool.

5. Recruitment Plan p. 7

Tips on how to create a comprehensive recruitment plan.

6. Ensuring Bias-Free Recruitment: A Guide for Search Committees p. 9

Specific information on characteristics that should not be used to evaluate candidates and ideas

on how to avoid possible perceptions to the contrary.

7. Screening Applications p. 12

An explanation of the application screening process (i.e. applicant monitoring, screening criteria, and

evaluating candidates).

8. Interviewing Candidates p. 13

A guide for conducting an effective interview.

9. Interview Questions p. 15

Information for interviewers on appropriate and inappropriate lines of questioning during an interview.

This list can be copied and given to members of the search committee or anyone conducting interviews.

10. Choosing the Finalist(s) p. 19

Specific information on how to evaluate and rank candidates.

11. Making the Offer p. 20

A guide for making an offer of employment.

12. Mailing List for Other Universities p. 22

This list contains the twelve Council of Independent Colleges and the top 20 universities that produce large

numbers of minority Ph.D. graduates.

13. Indiana University Southeast / New Albany Area Community Information p. 23

A list of websites and information for perspective candidates that can be copied and placed in information