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“Whenever a vacancy occurs – whether for an existing position or for a newly created position, search committees should

carefully review the position description to ensure that it is aligned with the commitment to diversify the faculty.”

- Association of American Colleges and Universities


Prior to a search the position description should be

reviewed by the academic unit and/or hiring manager to

ensure that it accurately reflects current department needs.


The description should accurately reflect the duties of the

position yet be written broadly enough to encourage a wide

and inclusive candidate pool. Overly narrow definitions of

specializations tend to limit the number of qualified

candidates and may discourage women and minority

candidates from applying.

Duties or responsibilities such as teaching assignments,

research expectations, service expectations, or department

responsibilities can be highlighted if especially important

or unusual. To stress our commitment to diversity, add

wording indicating the person in the position will need to

“interact with a diverse student and faculty community.”

The following should be included in all position


appointment starting date; (faculty only)

appointment duration; (faculty only)

appointment type (tenure-track/non tenure-track);

description of duties and responsibilities,


salary or salary range (may also use

“commensurate with qualifications and


materials to be submitted;

search committee address; (if applicable)


Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative

Action (EEO/AA) statement;

Indiana University Southeast or department

website address.

EEO/AA Statement

The following standard statement MUST be

included in every position announcement:

Inclusive Language

To signal Indiana University Southeast


commitment to diversity and increase the applicant

pool, one of these additions should be included

with the standard statement:

“Consistent with the University’s commitment

to diversity, persons from traditionally

underrepresented groups are strongly

encouraged to apply.”

“IU Southeast is committed to a learning

environment that actively seeks to support

students, faculty and staff from diverse



The deadline for faculty and/or staff applications

should be no sooner than 15-30 days after the

position announcement appears in a national

publication. To preserve the option of accepting

late applications or extending a search, use

statements such as the following:

“Applications received by (date) will be

assured consideration.”

“Review of applications will begin (date). The

search will remain open until the position is



It is important that all applications received

after a deadline be treated uniformly.

“Indiana University Southeast is an

Affirmative Action / Equal

Opportunity Employer.”