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“Developing and aggressively implementing a comprehensive recruitment plan that uses multiple recruitment strategies simultaneously will

significantly increase the diversity of the applicant pool.”

- Association of American Colleges and Universities


The purpose of a recruitment plan is to generate a large and

inclusive candidate pool. This will give the search

committee a larger selection of candidates to review and

thus increase the likelihood of finding the best person for

the position.

Authorization to Recruit

The Authorization to Recruit request should be completed

to obtain permission to fill a vacant position. Search

committee members should be listed and a copy of the

position announcement attached and submitted to the

Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs for

approval. Affirmative Action plan numbers are

communicated to the Search Committee and/or hiring

manager by the Office of Equity & Diversity through

PeopleAdmin Workflow Vacancy eDoc.


The scope of a search is determined by the type of position.

All full-time tenure/tenure-track faculty positions must be

advertised at a national level, which means advertising in at

least one national publication. Even if a position does not

require a national search, it may be in the department’s


interest to conduct a national search to ensure that it will

recruit the best candidate.

Some academic positions (such as research associates,

scientists, part-time faculty, visiting faculty, or short term

appointments) require only a regional or limited national

search. In these cases we suggest you advertise in regional

publications that are most likely to bring in the most

inclusive candidate pool. Such sources include newspapers

in Chicago, Cincinnati, and Louisville, and direct mailings

to other institutions. You might also look into some

academic e-mail list serves.

If a position will include an international search resulting in

foreign candidates, please contact Human Resources for



To ensure a complete and inclusive pool of

candidates, it is necessary to advertise in multiple

sources, for example, in discipline specific

publications, memos to departments at other

universities and discipline specific professional

organizations. Contact Human Resources for

information regarding the advertising budget.

The Office of Equity & Diversity can provide

assistance in identifying appropriate venues for

publication. Publication deadlines should be noted.

Plan adequate time for routing of Vacancy Notice

eDoc to all required offices (i.e. the Dean, the

Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs,

and the Director of Staff Equity & Diversity).

Approval must be obtained prior to submission for

publication externally.

The most widely read national publication in higher

education is the

Chronicle of Higher Education


This publication provides the widest circulation.

Also, consider nationally read, discipline-specific

publications that may be less expensive but still

provide extensive circulation in a specific discipline.

Direct Mailings

Direct mailings to all comparable departments at

other Big Ten universities or other peer institutions

should be standard procedure in your advertising

plan. These announcements will most likely be

posted on graduate student bulletin boards. Make

them eye-catching and easy to read. Include your

department or university website address so that it is

easy for prospective applicants to get more

information about your department and Indiana

University Southeast. Make sure your address and

deadline dates are clear.

Certain universities graduate large numbers of



For a list of these universities see


Mailing List for Other Universities

located in

this Search Guide on page 22. For other help finding

direct mailing resources, contact Human Resources.