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9. Expand and provide robust student intramural opportunities to enhance co-curricular


10. Implement in all Student Life areas an annual goals and assessment plan to better align

activities with institutional priorities and evaluate progress and impact.

11. Streamline paperwork and administrative procedures for registered student organizations.

12. Review existing support of student organizations and devise a slate of activities to facilitate

the creation of new organizations and strengthen advising, knowledge of funding, and

programming potential for all organizations.

13. Conduct a review of college leadership models and, in collaboration with faculty, design

and implement a broad-based leadership program for students.

14. Undertake an assessment of the current Student Senate structure, functioning, and

impact; make recommendations, as needed, for a revised approach with greater student

representation at the institutional level and a robust election process.

Initiative 3: IU Southeast will implement engaging and innovative learning

experiences that increase opportunities for success among students.

Action Steps:

1. Expand degree completion programs and increase the number of graduates.

2. Increase weekend, evening and hybrid offerings of courses for degrees and certificates.

3. Implement new strategies to ensure the success of learners, including more targeted

orientation sessions, campus tours, and planned interaction with faculty and peers.

4. Expand internship and career readiness training programs for learners and student


5. Seek external funding to specifically assist low-income traditional and non-traditional


6. Establish financial literacy programs to target students and decrease student debt post-


7. Expand Adult Student Center space and services to meet increasing non-traditional

student enrollment.

8. Implement an effective program that enhances the non-traditional student population,

through collaboration with partners such as 55K Degrees, Education Matters and Degrees


9. Increase number of certificate programs that we offer.