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10. Develop competency assessments that ensure academic rigor while allowing credit for

previous class/work experience.

Initiative 4: IU Southeast will ensure a high-quality Residence Life and

Housing Program that facilitates leadership development, service learning,

academic success, retention, and graduation.

Action Steps:

1. Develop plans to add residential facilities.

2. Maintain and sustain a viable information technology network infrastructure in student

housing to create an environment that is similar to what students use at home and in the

commercial sector, including access to pervasive Wi-Fi.

3. Continue to provide a safe, modern and comfortable environment conducive to student

learning and success.

4. Create a comprehensive programming model that includes social, educational,

recreational, and health and wellness components for evenings and weekends.

5. Seek and expand partnerships across campus to promote leadership and programming


6. Customize services to meet the needs of a diverse resident student population.

7. Create a departmental training program to enhance student leadership.

8. Develop and implement themed housing and other initiatives that support and advance

students’ academic goals.

9. Provide resources to support expansive, revenue generating summer/camp/conference

programs using our lodges.



Initiative 1: IU Southeast will enrich its teaching mission by strengthening the

teacher-scholar model for faculty engagement.

Action Steps:

1. Establish faculty-developed percentages in the categories of teaching, scholarship and

service for tenured/ tenured track faculty consistent with the mission of the campus.