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Page Background

2. Establish faculty-developed percentages in the categories of teaching and service for

lecturers and clinical faculty consistent with the mission of the campus.

Initiative 2: IU Southeast will recruit and retain high-quality faculty and

academic support staff.

Action Steps:

1. Offer comprehensive support for academic excellence by fostering research, faculty

development, an improved faculty and staff mentoring program, expansion of library

resources, and increased grant writing assistance.

2. Appropriately orient, develop, and review all faculty and academic support staff.

3. Increase number of tenure-track appointments, where appropriate, to a level consistent

with peer institutions.

4. Increase the number of endowed faculty positions in all schools.

5. Provide additional professional development opportunities for staff.

6. Increase the number of faculty and academic support staff from diverse backgrounds.

Initiative 3: IU Southeast will recognize and support employees as our greatest


Action Steps:

1. Revise the IU Southeast performance management program so that it is in full alignment

with the University’s performance management program, objectives, and principles.

2. Attract and retain a highly diverse workforce.

3. Strive to maintain competitive salaries and wages.

4. Invest in the professional development of full-time faculty, part-time faculty, and staff.

5. Reduce faculty and staff turnover.

Initiative 4: IU Southeast will develop and nurture diverse, mutually beneficial

relationships between the campus and the community.

Action Steps:

1. Strengthen alumni relationships and engagement in campus life and student activities.

2. Build relationships and create partnerships that foster goodwill through community

outreach activities in the Southern Indiana and Greater Louisville areas.

3. Create an annual, highly visible signature event or project that will provide high value to

the Southern Indiana/Greater Louisville community.