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4. Effectively communicate the institution’s successes and future direction with open,

accurate, and regular communications.

5. Display prominently the governing ideas of IU Southeast.

6. I dentify and develop relationships with local organizations to promote and expand lifelong

learning opportunities.

Initiative 5: IU Southeast will strategically grow financial resources to enhance

and support the faculty and staff.

Action Steps:

1. Successfully implement and complete the Fulfilling the Promise Campaign to strengthen

the resource base for IU Southeast.

2. Centralize all fundraising through a coordinated and comprehensive development


3. Plan and implement an annual fund program that raises awareness of the needs of the

institution and promotes charitable giving by faculty and staff, alumni, and friends.

4. Successfully search for and hire a Corporations and Foundations Grant Coordinator.

5. Increase the funding base for economic centers.

6. Foster new partnerships by actively seeking and securing additional grant funding.

7. Develop individualized funding strategies for institutional priorities.

8. Develop effective communication materials and processes that build the case for support.

9. Seek funding opportunities through individual and corporate philanthropy, public and

private foundations, and federal and state sources.

10. Grow and manage the IU Southeast endowment funds to a level sufficient to support

institutional operating needs.

11. Work to build a culture of philanthropy among the IU Southeast community including

alumni, students and other important constituencies.

12. Create and establish fundraising programs and infrastructure to prepare for additional

and/or future comprehensive campaigns.

13. Develop and implement a long-term funding plan for intercollegiate athletic programs to

maintain compliance with University policies and federal regulations.