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Page Background

Initiative 6: IU Southeast will effectively manage and steward financial

and physical resources to maximize transparency and benefit to campus


Action Steps:

1. Manage campus resources in accordance with the Higher Learning Commission’s

standards for resource allocation, planning, and institutional effectiveness.

2. Plan and guide the allocation of resources in accordance with the campus mission and

strategic plan.

3. Continue to advance the Campus Land Use Master Plan and develop new campus

beautification initiatives.

4. Develop a funding plan and pursue project approval for the construction of a new multi-

purpose building on the IU Southeast campus.

5. Maintain transparency and accountability by creating and disseminating regular progress

reports regarding the operating budget and financial/operational performance.

6. Develop and implement incentive-based components into the campus budgeting system

to encourage and reward innovation, program growth, and operational performance.

7. Implement a dining master plan to expand the level of service to the campus community

and achieve financial self-sufficiency for dining services.

8. Achieve a twenty percent (or more) reduction in energy utilization and expenditures

through facility upgrades, stewardship practices, and procurement strategies.

9. Promote and communicate sustainability initiatives across the institution and implement

sustainable practices.

10. Continue to utilize state/student-funded R&R (repair and rehabilitation) to address

obsolete building systems and deferred maintenance.

11. Introduce new systems for monitoring and analyzing the multiple data sources that inform

and guide business decisions in conjunction with the campus’ business analytics initiative.

12. Continue to raise awareness of the need to consider all IU Southeast students in the state’s

performance funding model.