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Initiative 1: IU Southeast will establish and nurture partnerships that expand

economic development opportunities.

Action Steps:

1. Expand existing partnerships with public schools, community colleges, and other

universities to increase graduation rates for IU Southeast, thus increasing regional college

attainment thereby enhancing regional workforce development efforts of the region.

2. Develop strategic partnerships with regional economic development planners and

agencies that will enhance the presence of IU Southeast in economic development.

3. Engage faculty and academic leadership across the IU family, to identify the region’s

Grand Challenges, building on our strengths in our academic programs.

Initiative 2: IU Southeast will prepare graduates to meet workforce needs and

the challenges of a rapidly changing job market.

Action Steps:

1. Maintain and create programs committed to developing “work ready” graduates for

business and industry, education, healthcare, and government.

2. Establish a branded program that capitalizes on the combination of programs that

possess strong Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) outcomes, along with

specialized, high demand skills of other programs.

3. Evaluate existing programs to ensure that market opportunities are pursued.

4. Enhance Career Services support for added employment assistance and post-graduate

preparation to include internal and external needs analysis.

5. Increase interactions between former and current students to establish an employment-

training program.

6. Develop opportunities for students to create a co-curricular transcript that represents

student engagement and demonstrate service, scholarship, and work experiences.

7. Provide academic advising to make students aware of post-baccalaureate and professional


8. Increase collaboration between health and medical facilities /institutions and through

added academic programs which will enable our students to pursue careers in these fields.